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  Tianguan Group
Henan Tianguan Group Co., Ltd.,located in a famous historical cultural city – Nanyang, is the most typical and most complete existence and keeping “Red Enterprise” in China at present. It is one of the 520 Most Important National Enterprises, one of the 50 Most Important and Growth-orientated Enterprise of Henan Province, one of national designated production enterprises of fuel ethanol and one of the main enterprise of the National New Energy and High Technology Industry Base.
  Meanwhile, it is the unique national recycling economic pilot enterprise of biological energy industry, the unique unit where there are State Key Laboratory, State-level Enterprise Technical Center and Postdoctoral Research Stations and also China National Fuel Ethanol Technical Committee of Standardization was established. Tianguan Group has more than 6500 on-the-job staffs, its assets are 75 billion yuan, and it covers the area of more than 4300 mu. Its annual productivity, i.e. 600,000 tons of fuel ethanol and 180,000 tons of excellent eatable alcohol, is the largest in China. Besides, Tianguan Group boasts of the standard demonstration unit that can be copied sustainably and produce 10,000 tons/year of fiber ethanol and PPC fully degradable plastics that with the productivity of 5000 tons/year. Moreover, it has the engineering devices that can produce 150 million m3 of biological gas per year, which is the largest productivity in the world, and the wheat gluten production line with the productivity of 75000 tons/year. Our products involve seven categories such as bio-energy, biochemical engineering, organic chemical products, fine chemicals, industrial gas and electric power. Our main products include more than 40 kinds such as fuel ethanol, edible alcohol, wheat gluten meal, fully degradable plastics, glacial acetic acid, acetate, DDG feed, carbon dioxide bio-gas, etc, with a total amount of over 1million tons and the annual income of more than 6 billion yuan.
無標題文檔 - 竞彩篮球胜分差玩法|篮彩胜分差排余法
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